Where are your beloved products made?

It’s more about transparency and know how rather than the made where.

The modernity and expertise of the ateliers are essential elements in our choices, in order to guarantee the very best working conditions for employees and quality for our products. 

We source our fabrics in Europe: checks & Liberty are from UK. Cottons, wool & linens are from Spain & Portugal. 

In Spain, our historic atelier develops all the prototypes following Maria's draws. It a shoulder to shoulder development process. We have another atelier that is expert in producing shirts.

In Serbia, we work closely with a family atelier. They are the best in tailoring. Our famous Chesnut pants and all jackets & coats come from them.

The blockprinted and embroidered dresses comes from India where we have 2 ateliers: the historic one in Jaipur and another one in New Delhi. 

In Peru, Turkey, Portugal, Madagascar & Mexico, we discovered handcrafters who create our beautiful accessories: hats, shoes, baskets...

All the cashmere sweaters come from inner Mongolia, THE cashmere experts.

How do we certificate our products?

50% of the products in our current collection are certified.

80% of the materials in our current collection are made of natural materials such as: cashmere, linen, cotton...