The brand

The Creative Passion

It was returning from a family trip in Peru that Maria de la Orden decided to start her career in fashion. Enchanted by the local crafts and fabrics, the young student returned to Madrid with her arms full of brightly colored fabrics, which inspired a small collection of jackets that her friends immediately fell in love with.

On Instagram, the magic quickly worked. Maria, who has always embraced her artistic side, realized that her "recreational" passion was now growing. All that was missing was finding the right person to boost this young 100% digital house.

The Tandem

While an entrepreneur at heart, Laura de la Révélière, dreamed of a great project to develop, the other wanted more time to dedicate to the Artistic Direction of her brand, the perfect alchemy in short ...

As the community grows, the Friday rendez-vous have become the weekly event where at 10am new pieces are added to the current collection. With this "Friday rendez-vous", the duo has introduced a new interactive newsletter concept.

More and more customers and followers are loving the total looks signed by Maria de la Orden, definitely the best ambassador of the House.

Fresh, Retro and Full of Fantasy...

Maria de la Orden’s wardrobe seduces women in search of chic pieces that they won’t find on their friends. Prints are invited as guest stars to challenge the everyday and play a free score where the creativity of each woman is freely asserted. Details from our childhood are rooted in the House’s DNA, a maxi Claudine collar here, smocks there and Liberty all over.

While the daring cuts make the looks of top influencers, the beautiful pieces guarantee a timeless and fluid wardrobe.

Responsible and virtuous, the production is mainly European. Sourcing is the key to this luxurious upcycling, as Maria only deals with the most beautiful Italian houses to give new life to couture fabrics in very small quantities. The collections are 100% natural, with an emphasis on cottons and wools. At the heart of the creation is the know-how of the craftsmen, the best in their field, cashmere from Mongolia, block prints from India, silky fabrics from Italy ... The designer does not compromise on quality despite the reasonable prices at the end.